HTK have been ISO 9001 accredited since 1997 and are currently accredited to the latest ISO9001:2015 standard.

Our Vision:


  •  Understand the needs of our customers and interested parties, manage their expectations and satisfy their (agreed) requirements by providing error free services, solutions, and products that satisfy and exceed their requirements;
  • Drive down costs whilst ensuring that our suppliers provide us with correct materials on time.
  • Train and develop our staff, communicate with them effectively to ensure they are aware of the company’s purpose and strategic direction and treat them fairly and unambiguously.
  • Contribute to the local and global communities by maintaining a positive impact in respect of employment opportunities, ethical behaviour and environmental protection through recycling and waste management.

Our Quality policy:

HTK Europe Ltd is committed to providing high quality products and service, meeting or exceeding the requirements of our customers. 

HTK Europe is committed to and entirely supportive of the values and philosophy of HTK Japan and to a culture of continuous improvement.

Our workforce will understand the purpose and strategic direction of the company and be aware of their contribution including their personal responsibilities and what they are accountable for.

Please select the image below for a copy of our certificate of registration.